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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Taking care of yourself

I had a bad evening the other day.  I was okay, and then suddenly - total mood slump. It happens;  that's the joy of having a wonky brain.  No rhyme or reason to it sometimes, just randomness.  And it was bad; I'd had things I wanted to get done - sone of which were things I enjoy doing - and suddenly I had no motivation for anything at all.  Himself tried to help,  but that's the problem with random no-apparent-cause slumps - if you don't know why it's happened then you don't know how to get out of it!

Previously I would probably have sat there, gazing aimlessly into space, or gone to bed to do the same. I wanted cuddles and company, but I also wanted to not have anyone around; it was a weird mood.  So I thought about it, and did what seemed best.  I retreated to the bedroom,  where I changed all the bedding for nice fresh stuff in pretty colours. I put on nice nightwear, and I 'went to bed'; essentially I cosied up under the duvet with a book, a mug of cocoa, a hot water bottle, and some knitting. I started a new project - something with no pressure, no deadline, just something nice for me that I'm knitting because I like it and I want it. And I had my Scentered 'Sleep Well' balm as well;  I find it very soothing and relaxing.

And that was me for a good hour or two; time to myself, with things that relaxed and comforted me, and by the time Himself came to bed I was ready to deal with company and enjoy cuddles. 

This is probably the first time I've really successfully done self-care, and it really did help a lot.  Changing the bedding was nice as it felt fresh and pleasant; I'll remember that for the future!  It didn't take long to do, but had a very positive psychological effect.  I slept reasonably well, and was back to 'normal' the next day.  So don't underestimate how much little things can help sometimes; that quiet time, that soothing drink, that something-just-for-you - it all helps.