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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 already?!

I realise it's been the new year for a while now, but I'm still kind of adjusting!  Our New Year was... eventful, as we nearly ended up spending it in a random hotel somewhere between my parent's place and home, thanks to unexpected car issues!  But we did get home in time for New Year, and some very kind friends made sure we had food and fun, so it could have been worse.  I'm still a little grumpy about the fact that, as we had to leave the car at a garage en route and get the train the rest of the way, the majority of our Christmas presents are still in the boot of the car - and I got such a lovely pile of craft-related things!  I'm hoping we'll have the car back this week, and I can get them, plus a couple of birthday presents which are also in there - it would be nice to have them in time!

I've made a few crafting resolutions as always - to try to have more stash go out than come in, to try to make sure a project is finished before a new one is started (to try and keep the every-growing pile of WIPs under control!), to spin and sew more.... and a few challenges on Ravelry, such as knitting 17 Boo Knit shawls this year, and knitting loads of socks from stash!  I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't manage it, though!  And I want to knit more for charity, and take part in a craft fair; I've suggested to my knitting group that we club together and get a table at a craft fair towards Christmas, to give ourselves some spending money.  And a colleague and I are hoping to have a couple of lessons in patchwork and quilting, as we both fancy expanding into that area (I may not have mentioned this to Best Beloved, as I can imagine the expression on his face as he realises another craft obsession hobby is on the way...).

I'm prioritising knitting from stash - I have so many lovely, lovely yarns that I've not used, because they're too gorgeous, and I have to find the exact right pattern for it... you know how it is, right?!  BB sometimes thinks that I don't like a yarn because I haven't used it, but it's actually the opposite - I love it so much that I have to find the perfect pattern for it before I can possibly use it.  And there's always the fear that I might find a better pattern if I wait!  So - need to use up some of my preciouses.  

How about you?  Any resolutions for this year?!